See what it's like to look through my eyes

What About Me?

Alright, how to explain myself to the people out there…

I guess I’m just your average person. I am currently 24 years old, and trying to go to college. (I been sidetracked so many times it’s at that point where it’s not funny) I’m that type of person who is quiet and withdrawn but yet jolly and playful once you get to know me. The way my friends have put it; goes something like this…

“He is the type of guy that can and will be there if you ever needed a smile. He doesn’t just tell you things that will make you feel better. It’s more like he’ll always tell you what you did right and/or wrong but with a softer blow so you’ll be able to come to terms with what happened. He’s down to earth really.”

I guess that is true. Like most of the time I am often lost in thought and I seem to be oblivious to the outside world. That is true but I’m usually just trying to figure out what is going on around me. It’s like I’m trying to see things from every possible perspective. I try not to judge things black and white so quickly; instead I would try to dive deeper and find facts before I start judging. It’s like I want to try to save someone’s life, or to show someone that the world isn’t over just because bad things have happened to them. I think this is what is inspiring me to become a doctor in the future, as well living with this quote in the back of my mind.

“There’s a million different shades of light out there. Everyone in this world has one, even yourself. If your light is beginning to fade, I can lend you mine in til your light shines bright again.” – My grandfather

Pretty much I’ll be that person who will always be there when you need it. No matter how hard life can get. I will be there to help. I guess that sums up my personality.

As for my hobbies and interest…

First off, I would like to say that Pandas are my favorite animal. It’s mostly because I see them as a good luck charm for myself. It’s pretty much like my spiritual animal. I’ll admit it, I’m a loner myself and I only have a couple of close friends.

I am a fan of video games. I would play play just about anything. The genres that I usually play would be: Racing, Fighting, STG, and RPG.

I enjoy listening to music. I do believe that music therapy actually works.

I’m also a fan of the martial arts. But yet I don’t like UFC and MMA. (mostly because it’s just punch, punch, grapple, moan, buttsecks) I am learning martial arts myself. As well as swordsmanship.

I guess that’s about it. Shoot me a message if you wanna chat or something I guess.




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