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Jobless again!? Really???

Yep… I just got laid off… well it was actually last week… but my anger and frustrations were being dealt with and are still somewhat being dealt with at the moment. I guess I get to play the unemployment game… but this time it should be easier since it’s almost the holidays!

On a side note… when companies say that you can fill out an ap online… i really wish they would update it so it’s compatible with the current internet browsers. It gets annoying


Lol My First Attempt Playing with the Virtual Dj Program.

Let it be known that it has been a while since I last have touched any dj equipment in the longest time. (10 years!) I would post the song up but I’m not sure what site would let me do it. (Not myspace. I don’t like that place.) And with wordpress, I need to buy a space upgrade… money is kind of tight at the moment. I could do it the fail way and shove it into a movie program, slap a picture on it and upload it to youtube. Then have it set to private and post the link. I’ll figure something out… if you really want to hear it just email me or send me a pm on where ever you found me from.

I really need to learn how to beat map and find a lot of samples and all that fun stuff… not sure if I really want to actually go back into this. But one thing for sure… it’s nice to play around with.

Oh Sound Online, how I miss you so.

I keep forgetting to search for this circle when I’m looking for music. And when I somehow land on them, it’s always amazing. check it out.

Oh yea, Aghart101, I love you for posting up touhou songs with the both japanese lyrics and the english translation. Please keep up the good work.

Hahaha So this is how it started

5 years and still going.

Looking at the wrinkles next to your eye from your smile,
Your squinty gaze has moved me.
You let me hold on to your coarse hands whenever I get scared.
Generously letting me rest on your shoulders when I get tired.
Whenever I lie next to you, I can’t stop smiling.
Your pouty lips make me want to kiss them.
When you talk next to my ear,
I would obediently listen to the sound of your voice
to where time would seem to stopped.
At this moment,
I’ll use every minute and second to love you.
Holding on to you, never letting go.
Hiding in your embrace, I want us to stay like this.
To continue as sweet as this.
Happy Anniversary Ken sama!

My feet are killing me! T_T

I need to buy some dr. scholes or however you spell it.

Let’s see you drift this Takumi

Even so, that road look fun to drive on.