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What Am I Blogging About?

So I made this blog not to have it as a public diary (Even though it may seem like it sometimes but who cares right?) So the point of this blog is pretty much going to be about whatever I feel like posting. I can really care less if I’m ranting over something stupid or make a stupid post that will probably not get any view but who cares right? I mean I don’t think anyone would care if I sat here and complained about how there is no parry system in Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4. Well, some people would care.  I know that topic is old but I can care less about how far back I am with the current trend.

So with that said. This is a list of what I’m going to blog about.

  • Video Games

Yes, I know this is a broad topic. And keeping up to date and all that is a bit taxing on people who don’t have enough cash in their life. So with this, I’m going to be blogging about my progression, my achievements, a little history and background of the game itself (hahaha), and most of all what I think of the game. I will play anything and I do also play doujin or fan based games as well. So if you have created your own game, you just might see it here.

  • College life (through my eyes)

Yea I know, a college life is so fascinating and yet so annoying like a high school girl trying to pick out the best prom dress. I’m actually going to back to school and I’ll just write about random things about it.

  • Music

We all love music right? Yea, certain music. This section will be about certain songs and why and what I like about it. As well as parts that annoy me. (You will see that I don’t really enjoy heavy metal but I’ll try to understand it)

  • Random things that just happened

Yes everyone, the crazy things that just happens out of nowhere. This can range between a waiter snapping on someone. Or hardcore failures. And even maybe the stupidest things that can make us all laugh.

  • And just about whatever that catches my eye

This can be pretty much about the same thing as the last mention item above that I said I was going to write about but this is about interesting things or facts or even things that can make us look at life a different way.