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Workout results (4/1)

Getting back into lifting again.

Today’s workout results:
Incline Bench
135lbs – 4 reps,
115lbs – 5 reps x2,
125lbs – 5 reps.

Decline Bench
135lbs – 5 reps x3,
3 reps x 1

Incline dumbbell press
30lbs x 2 – 12 reps
35lbs x 2 – 12 reps x2

Flat dumbbell press
30lbs x2 – 10 reps

Standing Calf (Machine)
150lbs – 12 reps x2
210lbs – 10 reps

Incline press (machine)
30lbs (both sides) – 12 reps
40lbs (boths sides) 12 reps x 2
50lbs (both sides) 5 reps

Ab crunch (bowing down technique)
42.5 resistence 25 reps x 4

Dumbbell pull overs
30lbs 10 reps x3

Flat bench press (rep out)
Bar only (45lbs) 20 reps x2

Pec fly (cable cross machine)
30lbs 8 reps
50lbs 10 reps

Pec fly (machine)
115lbs 5 reps x 5


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