See what it's like to look through my eyes

Six years with my boobear!

I had to use this song to help me create the lyrics in my own way. But I got something really good! So here it is. Oh and this isn’t the actual translation. If you want the actual translation, go look it up.

You said something to me, and it kinda pierced through me.
I don’t know why it bothered me, it just did.
But hearing it from you made me feel like I wasn’t myself.
I pouted, but you saw though it. You did the next best thing after.
Made me smile.

You’ve seen me when I’m down.
You’ve seen me when I’m happy
You’ve been there when I needed someone’s hand to hold on to.
I know you’re always there for me
I know you’re trying to help me out
Saying thank you isn’t enough, but you’re my most precious treasure.

You reminded me of something so simple that I forgotten.
My grandfather told me this one thing.
You can’t change the past just as you can’t change the flow of the wind and water.
I have to keep looking forward and stand up tall towards my path that I face.

Even if I’m all alone
Even if I’m left crying by myself.
I know that you’ll be there with open arms to hold me close and tight
If I try and close my eyes,
I can hear you calling out to me
And for some reason now that is my most precious treasure that I hold.

Here’s to our 6th year of being together. And hope for many years to come.


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